Control The Mental Game When Fishing

img_20130503_130345_752-9ab0e1cc686074f939339162b87bd0743d405f7aWhen you lose a great fish, how do you react? Do you flip out and break stuff? Do you pout or get in a foul mood for the next 45 minutes?

To be a successful angler, you gotta get over it and learn something. Listen to Kevin VanDam talk about this aspect of fishing and how he stays in control and maintains his confidence. As a bonus, Kevin also shares his thoughts on fishing the drop shot.

KVD on Confidence and drop shotting

The thing to keep in mind when responding to adversity in fishing and in life is to take a look at what happened, what you can learn from it and have confidence that things will work out. If you dwell on the negative, you’ll get more negative.

Go back to what you know works, fix the things that can be fixed (and that you can control) and move on.

Hope this video helps and we’ll get more into the mental game in the near future.

Tight Lines!


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