[Video] Finding Smallies Through The Ice – Shallow Lakes

ice fishing picture
Meagan catches a hog

When the weather turns cold in the Northern United States, many anglers stash their gear in the basement, store their boats and dream of warmer spring days.

Others turn to rivers, which stay fishable longer OR get out the power tools (snowmobiles, underwater cameras and augers) and start exploring and trying to catch something… anything… maybe even smallmouth bass.

Ice Fishing Video

In this video, Uncut Angling does an amazing job of showing the process for finding smallies through persistence: cut a hole, look with the camera and move on, not wasting time on unproductive areas.

Watching smallies on the underwater camera looking at your bait is freaking fun as hell. Having the right gear makes it all worthwhile.

Lures mentioned in this video

As you can clearly see, smallmouth bass are still active and feeding in the winter, even in cold northern lakes. Go out and have some fun!

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