Fishing For Winter Smallmouth

Fishing for winter smallmouth can be a trying time unless you have become good at understanding winter smallies.  Winter smallmouth fishing is a blast because it is rare to get a dink.  To feel the subtle mush mouth or slight tick of the winter bite and set tthe hook is awesome.


Here are some great tips to help guide you to the proper smallmouth lures to use during cold water smallmouth fishing.

As the water cools down in late fall, smallmouth bass react accordingly.  Throughout the 50s (10 to 15 degrees Celsius) and even well into the 40s (5 to 9 Celsius), bass school up and can be caught very much in the same way as they have been all summer.  However, once the temps hit the low 40s and drop into the 30s (1 to 4 Celsius) bass feed in a whole different way.

While soft rubber appeals to them like nothing else in the warmer months, once the temperatures hit the low 40s it seems as if rubber offers too much movement for bass.  I find in these cooler temperatures hair, feather, and metal lures are what smallmouth bass key in on.  Click here to visit the original source of this post

In addition to hair and metal, the one plastic that seems to do well in the winter is the swimbait. The Keitech Swing Impact Fat draws them in because in many bodies of water, winter bass key in on baitfish. It is especially effective in winter when you jig it off the bottom!

If you just can’t stay indoors and you have the smallies in your area, get out there and catch some bass!

Tight Lines!

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