Get Wacked: Wacky Rigging For Smallmouth Bass

I have to admit, wacky rigging a soft stickbait for smallmouth bass, was not for me.  I fished a lot of river situations and trying to have the patience to let that thing sink drove me nuts.  I’d use Senkos, rigged weedless, fishing for largemouths and occasionally smallmouths but I thought wacky rigging was too slow and boring.

Well that changed a bit this weekend because in certain river situations, I was able to utilize the wacky rig and BAM, I caught some nice bronzebacks 🙂  Fishing with a friend from the Everything Smallmouth Facebook page, I decided to give it a try on his recommendation.  When I saw some slack water behind boulders or in quiet water with few weeds, I threw the wacky Senko, in green pumpkin color, I caught a few bass on a slow day of fishing this way.

Wacky rigging for smallmouth bass

If you’re not sure you have the patience, check out these rigging and fishing tips and report back to me one you’ve tried it.

Rig the bait through the bait or using an O ring!


Dave Mercer shows us how its done on super light gear


And here’s Dave again fishing wacky style with weight to cover more water.


I hate to admit it, but I had fun getting a little wacky and fishing a wacky rig for smallmouth bass on the Susky last week.  I’m looking forward to trying the weighted technique next time I hit the water and the bass are hanging in 3-8 feet of water.  Hope you give it a try too!

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