How To Fish Grubs for Smallmouth Bass

Kalin grubIf you fish for smallmouth bass to any significant degree, you will want to try your luck with the curly tail grub. The cool thing is that they can be fished as a swimming bait or a jig and fished on the bottom with various different jig heads.

How To Fish Grubs for Smallmouth Bass

The video has good teaching of technique and rigging the grub with various different jig heads. Notice at the end though that they caught the smallmouth on a tube!

At some point years ago, I picked up a spinning outfit, tied on a 3-inch grub, and cast it out. Instead of allowing the grub to work its way down the rock piles, or to move slowly along the bottom of the spawning flat, I began to reel the grub back much like I would retrieve a spinnerbait. Smallies really liked this approach, and over the years, this technique has allowed me to target and catch suspended fish.
Developing this new-found presentation, I found that the action on a 3- to 5-inch curly-tailed grub was plenty to entice a strike. I typically use either a Yamamoto or Kalin grub and try to get away with as light a weight as possible – 1/8 to 1/4 ounce depending on the wind.

Swimming a grub can be a deadly search bait. As you move along a shoreline, it is possible to cover roughly the same amount of water that you would if you were throwing a spinnerbait, except you are using a much more subtle presentation. Many times, smaller, more subtle presentations is just what the doctor ordered, and the smallies simply “load up” on it.  Original content found here

When I first started, I had no idea how to fish grubs for smallmouth bass. They are in actuality a very easy and inexpensive bait to fish and you should definitely try them next time you are on the water.

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