How To Fish Large Areas With A Tube For Smallmouth Bass

Many people think that tubes are most useful for fishing targeted areas that are known or suspected of holding smallmouth bass.  They can actually be used in several ways in fishing larger areas to hunt for bass.

Tubes can be good search baits as they are often fished close to or near the bottom, can be rigged in several different ways and can mimic crayfish as well as bait fish.

How To Fish Large Areas With a Tube For Bass

As seen in this video, you can utilize drift, either on a lake or a river and allow the tube to be carried through large areas while paying close attention for a pick up or a hit.

There are some good tips on this video that will help you utilize tubes more effectively.

Some good take home points here are:

  • Allow tubes to drift along the bottom to cover more water
  • Use braided line with a flourocarbon or monofilament leader to increase your strike detection.
  • If you suspect you had a strike but missed the bronzeback on the hookset, allow it to drop and they will often come back for a second try or another competing bass will pick it up.
  • Use scent to increase the attractiveness of the tube
  • If you are in an area where you are prone to snags, rig your tube Texas style or with a weed guard.

Sometimes bass are just not in a real active mood and are hunkered down on the bottom.  If you learn how to fish large areas with a tube for smallies, you will be able to find them and land them more effectively.

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