Invasive Smallmouth Sentenced To Death

More “invasive smallmouth bass” are being sentenced to death via poisoning in Arizona. A Fossil Creek stream is slated to have all the fish species poisoned and then have the populations rebuilt to remove the smallmouth bass in favor of native species such as the chub.

Invasive Smallmouth Sentenced To Death

The Arizona Game and Fish Department, the U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are hosting a public meeting at the Verde Ranger District office at 300 East Highway 260 starting 5 p.m. Aug. 29 to discuss removing unwanted smallmouth bass from a unique native fish haven in Fossil Creek using rotenone, a naturally occurring piscicide.

Rotenone affects gill-breathing species such as fish, has a short life span, and quickly biodegrades into harmless substances. Fossil Creek was originally treated to remove unwanted non-native fish in 2004 to create this unique sanctuary for native aquatic species, including chub.

During 2004, a large multi-agency effort involving many stakeholders successfully removed all nonnative fish from this unique travertine stream. Prior to the original renovation, nonnative predatory and competitive fishes such as smallmouth bass were one of the primary causes for the decline of native fish in Fossil Creek. Their presence now threatens all of the native aquatic species in the creek, including the unique native sport fishery for chub. Source

Everything Smallmouth hates to see smallmouth bass sentenced to death because we love smallmouth bass as a game fish and find it interesting that we don’t poison the waterways to remove the snakehead fish but will do it to remove smallmouth bass. Why not collect these fish and relocate them to areas where smallmouth bass populations are threatened?

Fossil Creek, Arizona

Looking at this beautiful stream, I can see why they want to preserve the pristine environment!


Do you think this is a losing battle and the smallmouths will repopulate this waterway?

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