Lake Erie Smallmouth Continue To Improve

image-2f780a85c022cefa9605e9b03109b4ec23b9a3a9In this recent article about Lake Erie, they discuss the effects of algae on the Walleye population but also tell the story of the continued improvement of smallmouth bass fishing.

Lake Erie has benefited from catch and release fishing during the spawning season and the catch rate during 2012 was the highest in over a decade.

Although the walleye and perch fishing are considered very good, perhaps the most success in Lake Erie fish management has come with smallmouth bass.

“The catch rate for smallmouth bass in 2012 was the highest we’ve see in at least a decade,” Tyson observed. “It’s been trending up. We have had some good hatches.”

He said the closed season for keeping bass during May and June that was imposed several years ago seems to have improved the fishery.  Source

With the controversy over whether or not gobys are hurting or helping the smallmouth bass population, it is encouraging to hear that the catch rate in 2012 was great.

If you fish Lake Erie regularly, let us know your thoughts on what you have been seeing over the past few years.

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