Lake Michigan Smallies A Hidden Secret? I Don’t Think So…

20121205_003216-1-65852bb5ae633f46e8e7df6aede5132a5067e916Everything Smallmouth readers may know what is going on in Lake Michigan while the rest of the world is just finding out. There’s 5 and 6 pound smallies lurking there and can be some of the most entertaining, kick ass fishing you can experience.

As this article explains, Lake Michigan has been the home of the perch, Coho Salmon and Chinook, but more and more anglers are searching for the monster smallies that this Great Lake is producing.

No one dares talking about the big smallmouth that wait around daily for a fresh piece of Chicago-style meat (chub) on the big lake’s shore.

Sure, the old-timers know, and even some of the newer, egomaniacal expert angling wannabees will share a secret or two about locations. Some of the younger element take pride in telling others they have the “keys to the smallie kingdom.”

And if I told you jumbo smallmouth are there along the lakefront in droves, responding with violent strikes when an angler’s guard is relaxed for a microsecond, you’d probably scoff and move on to the column describing the new Cubs manager and the wonderful dreams, false promises, and follies yet to come.

There are cliques of fishermen who hold the secrets to their bosoms, and God help us if one of us infidels stumbles upon sections of the forbidden territories.  Continue reading this article here.

Check out this awesome underwater camera work from Lake Michigan:

We get pictures all the time submitted from anglers catching amazing smallies right from downtown Chicago. Remember the Mike Iaconelli show? City Limits? Mike opened people’s eyes to the bass fishing possibilities in and around major US cities. Loved that show!


If you live in the Windy City or have access to Lake Michigan, get yourself some brownies. You’ll be one happy angler!

Favorite Lake Michigan Baits:

Tubes, Goby style plastics, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and drop shot rigs

Tight Lines!

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