San Juan Worm For Smallmouth Bass

Here is a short video clip of how to tie a San Juan Worm fly for smallmouth bass.  This fly is useful for catching many different types of fresh water fish so give it a try for smallies.

San Juan Worm for smallmouth bass


Rick Hafele, professional entomologist and fly-fishing author, tells me that the San Juan worm imitates an aquatic species of earthworm that is quite common. Its appearance is very close to that of the standard backyard earthworm-which may well explain the deadliness of the oft-mentioned boy with a bamboo stalk, a few feet of fishing line, and a worm on a hook. The San Juan Worm is often tied in red, but Rick says that the naturals are more of a brown or reddish brown.

These worms don’t swim, so they should be fished dead drift.  Source

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