Beginning Fly Fishing Smallmouth Lures

If you are just getting started fly fishing for smallies, there are some beginning fly fishing smallmouth lures that you will want to focus on.  With time, you will broaden your horizons and learn to fish with top water baits, streamers and other baits that will “match the hatch”  Here’a a very basic guideline to getting started.

Beginning Fly Fishing Smallmouth Lures

Smallmouth are absolute suckers for a well-placed leech pattern.  There’s something about the sexy wiggle of marabou hair that drives them bonkers.  It’s a simple fly to use, and a great place to start…

I’ve had a lot of success fishing a bead-head leech around docks by letting it sink on a slack line, just like you’d fish a stickbait with a spinning rod.  There are many different types of flies and techniques.  If you have experience fly-fishing for trout, you will certainly find parallels in fly-fishing for smallies as smallmouth eat a lot of the same insects that a trout will and naturally will fall for the same patterns.  View original article here

If you have never gone fly fishing for smallmouth bass before, this will give you a good start that will let you know what rods to bring, line type and some basic concepts of starting out fly fishing for our beloved bronzebacks!

Let us know your favorite flies for smallmouth fishing and where you fish them by commenting below!

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