[Video] Searching For Smallies: The River Eddy

How to locate more smallmouth bass in river and streams

Courtesy of Mike Morris

As you gain more experience fishing rivers for smallmouth bass, you’ll get a sixth sense. 
Oh, that spot looks fishy! Cast right behind that rock… and BAM!

Fishing guides and experienced river anglers have learned how to read the river. At certain times of the year, smallmouth bass will take up positions in various locations in and around river eddies. It will depend on factors such as water temperature, pre or post spawn and how actively they are feeding. 

It’s all about location

This video shows McKeon Roberts fishing this eddy with a tube but anything that you can bring through that area is going to work. You can bring a buzzbait or Whopper Plopper over that area, throw a Senko into the eddy or riffle or even a swimbait.

Hope this helps you to catch more smallies in rivers and streams! 

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