Spending On Angling in the USA

Tackle Warehouse2A US Fish and Wildlife survey confirmed that spending on sport fishing in the United States is a huge economic force. Despite a decline from the 2006 survey of $47 billion there is over $41 billion dollars spent annually in the United States. Fresh water anglers spent over $25 billion in 2011.

Of the $41 billion spent, 52% was travel related, 37% was equipment related ($15.5 billion) and the remainder was on things such as land leasing and ownership, membership dues, contributions, licenses, stamps, DVDs, magazines and permits.

Bass fishing far outweighed other species and freshwater fishing was far more popular than salt water.

It’s interesting to see that travel related expense was higher than equipment, considering all of the marketing that takes place in the fishing equipment business.

For a boat load of information, check out the census info here: click



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