Spinnerbaits For Smallmouth Bass

I love fishing spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass.  Whether you’re slow rolling it or burning it, its an awesome feeling to feel that hit and set the hook. Check out these great videos that will guide you on your learning of effective spinnerbait technique.



Spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass

In an interview with Larry Nixon, there were more words of wisdom on spinnerbaits:

Nixon: If I want to target smallmouth, my first lure of choice will be the spinner bait. I prefer a 1/2-ounce Premiere Pro Model with tandem willow-leaf blades. I like to have one white blade and the other chartreuse, and I prefer a chartreuse-and-white skirt. You have to remember that smallmouth bass like light-colored lures. They also enjoy chasing bait. For this reason, I crank this spinner bait as fast as I can and keep it just under the surface of the water. I’ll make really long casts and crank the bait back through open waters. You have to remember that smallmouth bass are sight feeders, and big smallmouth love to chase and run a bait down. When a smallmouth sees a bait trying to run away, the fish seem to become aggravated and want to chase that bait.

Question: Where is the best location to use the spinner bait for smallmouth?

Nixon: I like to fish around scattered grass or boulders. I like to fish along fairly flat banks, have my boat in 7 to 12 feet of water and cast into 2 to 3 feet of water. I want that spinner bait to run across the break line where the bottom drops off from shallow to deep. I’ve seen smallmouth come up from 10 feet of water to take the spinner bait, especially when I’m burning that spinner bait. I prefer the willow leaf blade because these blades allow me to fish the spinner bait faster than I can with the Colorado blade.

When using spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass, don’t just retrieve the lure.  Vary your retrieval and make some erratic changes to trigger strikes.  Also, try to cast underhand to drop the bait into the water with a low amount of splash or even throw it on the bank and drag it into the water.

Many of these baits can be purchased through  Cabela’s, Cabela’s Canada, Gander Mountain, AmazonOrvis or BassPro.com

What is your favorite spinnerbait for smallmouth bass?  Comment below along with how you like to work them; fast, slow roll, etc!

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