Spring Smallmouth Fishing in Wind

image-1376b85fec08048fff212bed4bd10237381bae15Smallmouth bass on a tube in frigid water. Spring smallmouth fishing in wind can be brutal. This must be right after ice out with water temps below 40 F and air temps around freezing. This is some dedication and excitement!


I got to hand it to these guys, braving the wind and cold. I hate the wind but sometimes its either put up with it and catch some smallies or go home!

When I fish for smallies on windy days and the bass are hitting jigs, a couple of tips can help:

  1. Increase your weight: upsize your jighead size to 1/4 or 3/8 ounce
  2. Cast either into the wind or with the wind.
  3. Move your rod tip close to the water to get the line laying on the surface and use a brightly colored braid with a fluro leader so that you can use the line as a strike indicator. Wind can make it difficult to feel a bite.

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