Tennessee 2013 Fishing Regulations: Effect on Smallmouth Bass

big-smallie-2-aaa603278c324e65d91f453dc5ff9f0fda917fd3Hey Tennessee smallmouth fishermen! The Tennessee 2013-2014 regulations have been finalized and you can read about their effects on smallmouth bass here.

Tennessee 2013 Fishing Regulations: Effect on Smallmouth Bass

First of all, lets look at the effect on the Alabama Rig.  The state has gone to a three hook rule per rod.  Also a hook has been defined to make this less confusing as can be seen here.

“The 3-hook changes is much simpler to interpret and offers a compromise between anglers that wish to fish five hooks with those that feel only one hook should be used on multi-lure arrays,” said Bobby Wilson, TWRA Chief of Fisheries Division.

Single point, double point, and treble (3 points) hooks would each be counted as one hook.  Sabiki type rigs will be permitted. A sabiki type rig is typically used to catch bait fish.

Allow only three hooks (single, double, or treble) per rod. Sabiki rigs will be permitted.

This hook restriction would apply to all anglers, but it is designed to simplify rules that apply to the use of multi-wire arrays, such as umbrella rigs and Alabama rigs.  Source

There are some other changes that affect smallmouth bass in the state as well.

Pickwick Lake: Smallmouth Bass – reduce minimum size limit from 18 to 15 inches.

Parksville Lake: Spotted Bass – No creel limit on spotted bass and they do not count towards the daily creel limit of black bass (5) in combination with smallmouth and largemouth bass.TWRA is encouraging the harvest of Alabama spotted bass which have been illegally introduced into Parksville Lake. These exotic fish have the potential to hybridize with smallmouth bass.  Source

These new Tennessee fishing regulations were discussed in August and finalized just recently.  We are always interested in how new rules will effect smallmouth bass fishing!

Let us know your thoughts on these recent changes and if the size limits and changes to Alabama rig fishing will affect your fishing.

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