[video] Trophy Smallmouth Bass Abound In Tennessee Waters

110312080401-fa911c2938310f3eb5b01350747e895414975600Are you in search of lakes and rivers full of potential trophy smallmouth bass? I know, silly question as we all are always in search of new places to fish for large bronzebacks. For those smallie fanatics who have never visited the state of Tennessee a trip to this state will open your eyes to many amazing lakes and rivers full of our favorite fish. In fact, the next world record smallmouth might well be lurking in the lakes and rivers of this state. I say this because many fishermen are catching ten plus pound smallmouths in Tennessee lakes and rivers.

One of the most well known lakes for producing huge smallmouth bass is Dale Hollow located smack dab in the middle of Tennessee. This is a lake with a reputation for producing large trophy smallmouth bass for many years and the fishing is phenomenal. On a good day it is not unusual to hook-up over 100 smallies ranging in size from one pound, to seven or eight pounds. If you are lucky you might snag one even larger and the chances of doing so are certainly in your favor on this great smallmouth lake. Of course the 2 largest smallmouth bass ever recorded were caught here.

Watch this video for that amazing story:

Another lake becoming well known for great smallie fishing is South Holston. While this fishery is still being developed for large smallmouth bass, it is the choice of locals when winter arrives. This would be a good winter fishing destination for those in the northern states who feel the urge to leave winter cold and snow behind and head south for a week of great fishing.

We also have the Tennessee River which winds through Tennessee and into Alabama. This river has been giving up ten plus pound smallies for many years and is a possible candidate for a future world record smallie. The falling off of catfish being fished commercially in this river has upped the odds greatly for a future record smallie, and local smallmouth fishermen are reporting a constantly increasing size in the bronzebacks they catch along the entire length of the river.

Other waters holding decent populations of smallmouth bass include the following smaller streams, creeks, and rivers: Abrams Creek, Little River, and the Little Pigeon River. These are located in the lowlands of the state.

Impoundments and many other lakes are also being managed for trophy size smallies with slot limits and catch/release policies.

Got the winter blues and feel the need to get away for a few days of trophy smallmouth bass fishing? Load up and head for Tennessee. There is a huge smallmouth waiting for you in the waters of this state!

Have you fished this state before? Please offer your thoughts and tips for our readers in the space below.

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