Everything-Smallmouth Tackle Awards: Suspending Jerk Baits

Swimbait for smallmouth bassWhat is your favorite suspending jerkbait for smallmouth bass?

We all know catching bronzebacks on jerkbaits is a blast and there are too many jerk baits to mention here.  Some of the top sellers are listed below as well as a few lesser known jerks…

What say you?  Comment below with your vote and why or vote for your favorite write in candidate!

Our Favorite Jerkbaits:

Lucky Craft Pointer

One of the favorites of smallmouth anglers everywhere, the Lucky Craft Slender Pointer is tried and true and provides tough competition.

Lucky Craft Slender pointer

  Megabass Ito 110

Another favorite is the Duo Realis Jerkbait 100SP.  It’s attention to detail and effectiveness make it a standout in its class.

Megabass Ito 110 Jerk

Rapala X Rap

The Rapala X Rap is a favorite due to its availability, prominence on TV and casts a mile.  This may be one of the most well known jerkbaits and is a a great producer to boot!

x rap

Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue

The Rattlin Rogue is not as well known as many other jerkbaits but is well designed and balanced as well as very economical.  Pricing can be a factor in filling your tackle box as long as its a quality, effective bait.

Smithwick Rogue Suspending

Luck-E-Strike RC STX Jerkbait

Could this be the controversial pick of the bunch?  The Luck-E-Craft RC STX is considered a knock of on the more expensive Megabass Jerkbait, this has been gaining in popularity.  Is it close enough in quality and action to compete?


Voice your opinion in the comments section below in our first Everything-Smallmouth tackle awards.

If none of these are your favorite jerkbaits for smallmouth bass, be sure to sound off on your favorite!

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