When Does Pennsylvania Bass Season Open?

When Does Pennsylvania Bass Season Open?

The official start of bass season in Pennsylvania is June 16th, 2012. For most avid smallmouth anglers, it doesn’t change a whole lot because catch and immediate release has become the norm. At least we don’t have to worry about accidently taking spawning fish off their beds.

When does Pennsylvania bass season open?

With license sales up 11 percent from last year, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission expects the state’s most popular bass fishing spots to see a surge in use when the season kicks off on June 16.

“With school out, kids have more time to spend outside,” he said. “I can’t think of a better way for grandfathers and fathers to spend their weekend than outside fishing with their sons, daughters and grandkids.”

The PFBC reminds anglers that new “catch and immediate release” regulations apply to smallmouth and largemouth bass on the lower sections of the Susquehanna River (below Sunbury) and Juniata River (below Port Royal) and into the rivers’ tributaries to points one-half river-mile upstream from the confluence. Original article here

The continued restrictions in the Susquehanna are due to concerns over declining fish populations and concerns over water quality affecting the fish. If you do keep bass, it is recommended not to eat more than one per month. My recommendation? When Pennsylvania bass season open, throw them back and let someone else catch them another day.

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