Winter Smallmouth Fishing Deep Lakes – This Is Gold

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Golden Winter Smallie Fishing Nuggets

I came across this video of some fantastic wintertime deep water smallmouth fishing from Lake Washington and had to share it with you.

There’s some great info in the first 4 minutes of this video of two ways to rig your tube/drop shot combo as well as using a crankbait tethered to a 2 oz sinker to search out those deep smallies waiting for a wintertime meal.

Watch for the 5 pounder


Did you see that amazing 5 pounder right around minute 7?

Love it!

Big Winter Bass

Sometimes the hardest thing is finding those wintering holes but once you do, they are often some of the largest smallies that you will ever catch.

It definitely makes the trip worthwhile!

Share your experiences with winter smallie fishing below.

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