15 Best Smallmouth Bass Lures?

Luck-E-StrikeOutdoor Life just came out with their “15 Greatest Lures For Smallmouth Bass” and we at everything-smallmouth decided to take a look.

There’s no doubt that there will be no argument with some of these choices but some of these could easily be replaced by other top baits. I suppose there are differences of opinion depending on whether you are a lake or river angler. I suppose there is room for other opinions in the world of smallmouth bass fishing. Maybe you’d like to sound off below and let us know your thoughts!

According to Outdoor Life, the top 15 best baits for bronzebacks are:

  1. Heddon Zara Spook
  2. Cordell Big O
  3. Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait
  4. YUM Craw Papi
  5. Bomber Fat Free Shad
  6. Rapala X Rap Pop
  7. Stick Worm (Senko style)
  8. Bass Pro Tender Tube
  9. Berkely Gulp Leach
  10. 6 in Zoom Lizard
  11. Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig
  12. Luck E Strike Hair Jig
  13. Mepps Inline Spinner
  14. Mepps Comet Mino
  15. Storm Wild Eye Goby

Ok, that”s their opinion. Here’s the list in all its glory: click here

Now, what I want to know is where is the X rap or similar suspending jerkbait or the Sinking Salty Shad? How bout the Keitech Swimbait?

Check out this young man’s top ten and then let us know yours!


What other baits should be on this list and which would you take off?

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