Jerkbait Fishing Techniques for Smallmouth Bass

Are you confused by jerkbait fishing techniques for smallmouth bass?

There are some days that jerkbaits are the only thing that smallmouth bass will go after and if this isn’t part of your arsenal, you are missing a lot of bass, and A LOT OF FUN.

There is something about the erratic action of a suspending jerkbait that just drives smallmouths crazy, especially in the spring and fall.

Jerkbait Fishing Techniques

Take a look at these two videos to begin to master the essential components to catching more smallmouths with jerkbaits.  After this video, you can take a look at Kevin Van Dam’s discussion of his tips as well


This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you how to fish with jerk bait to catch smallmouth bass.

View source for original video here: click

Now for a little KVD on jerkbaits:


The biggest key when learning jerkbait fishing techniques for smallmouths is to experiment with the retrieve and try moving the lure very quickly or to allow it to sit for 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec or more sometimes.  Also make sure you leave slack in your line and when you see or feel it jump, SET THAT HOOK!

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