River Access For Smallmouth Fishing

Hovercraft for smallmouth fishing?

River access for smallmouth fishing has been a challenge in some rivers.  Well not anymore! Depending on the ramps available, the water levels and the terrain, rocks and obstacles, you put your life and your hull in danger.


Having a jet boat with UHMW on it, is a great step in protecting your boat and getting to remote fishing locations.  Well look at this! If you have a $190,000 to spend, why not try smallmouth fishing from a hovercraft?

How are you planning on spending your summer vacation this year? If you had a good year, you might be considering buying a fishing boat or maybe even a jet ski. But if you had a really, reallygood year, you might want to put one of these in the water: A $190,000 hovercraft that lets you explore the waterways — and the sky — of exotic vacation destinations in style.

If you’re about to drop a couple hundred thousand dollars on a vehicle, you’re probably going to want to pay careful attention to what’s under the hood. In this case, The Flying Hovercraft has a 130-hp, twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that can push the craft to speeds over 70mph. True to its hovercraft nature, this vehicle is usable in both fresh and salt water, as well as on land over sand, grass, or snow. It also includes a pair of wings that help the craft take small flights to jump over obstacles as high as 20 feet. See original post here.

That thing is crazy.  Now I don’t know how much noise it makes and it probably can’t be fished from however there are more reasonable hovercraft that are used for rescue that could be used.

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