Smallmouth Fly Fishing Lures in Indiana

If you have been a trout angler in indiana or surrounding areas and want to shift gears a bit, you may need to learn more about smallmouth flyfishing lures in Indiana.

Remember your basic principles of fly fishing and “match the hatch” In most areas, the wooly bugger is a go to fly in streams.

Smallmouth Fly Fishing Lures in Indiana

I started the day with a green wooly with flash, just to see if they were ready for it yet – lots of caterpillars in the trees – but David was up 5 smallies to none very quickly. I made the switch to the brown wooly and landed two 14-16″ smallies in short order. I like to experiment, but there is no debate that this brown wooly pattern is the go-to smallie pattern in the central Midwest and upper Southeast. I called a buddy while we were on the stream in Indiana, and he was standing in central Kentucky stream fly fishing for smallies at the same time. Guess what was working best for him? That’s right, the brown wooly bugger with a little flash. Great pictures and information, click here.

To find bass in streams, look to the head or tail end of a riffle and if spawning will prefer areas with a hard bottom. They thrive in rocky areas. Look to the inside seam of an eddy. Look at the forage and use that to decide what smallmouth fly fishing lures to use in Indiana.

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