Delaware River Smallmouth Spinnerbaits

When the Delaware River smallmouth spinnerbait bite is on, watch out. The fish here are lean and mean. They don’t have the forage that you get on the Susquehanna or Lake Erie so when you get a hold of one, they are all muscle and put up quite a fight. You gotta love the spinnerbait bite! ᅠWatch this video for expert tips on fishing for smallmouth with spinnerbaits. ᅠBlaine Mengel and Chris Gorsuch will teach you and have a lot of fun on the Big D!

Delaware River Smallmouth Spinnerbaits

Get out on the water when the spinnerbait bite is on. ᅠExperiment with retrieve, color and size. ᅠIts fun to burn the spinnerbait and get bit but sometimes slow rolling it on the bottom is the ticket to success!  Follow the tips provided in this video to get a hold of some Delaware River smallmouth spinnerbait action.

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