Smallmouth at Sugar Creek


Smallmouth at Sugar Creek

If you are anywhere near Sugar Creek in Indiana, check out this article and read about this great local resource for finding smallmouth at Sugar Creek. ᅠI love how there are unlimited places to catch great smallmouth bass. ᅠDon’t just go for the big lakes and the publicized rivers. ᅠFind your own favorite spot so that you can fish anytime of year, anytime you want. ᅠ

Smallmouth at Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek, that smallmouth bass paradise in West Central Indiana, has its beginning in the mid state county of Tipton. From a small creek, ditch or even a spring, Sugar Creek flows southwestward through Clinton, Boone, Montgomery and Parke counties.

Sugar Creek, on some early maps — Rock River — is the habitat of smallmouth bass, due to its flow and the rocks which at times plague canoists. The Creek at summertime level is wadeable by the angler wearing chest waders or just shorts and canvas shoes. Many stretches — from bridge to bridge — may in low water be negotiated with hip boots.

The overall habitat of the Creek is rated good to excellent. The star of the Creek, the smallmouth bass, is considered better than average in numbers when compared to other stream populations of smallmouth in Indiana. The smallmouth is an abundant fish throughout the length of the Creek. The catfish species, flathead and channel are probably more abundant and larger in size below Crawfordsville.  Click here to visit the original source of this post

When fishing these great wateways, always practice catch and release.  Keep the population of smallmouths at Sugar Creek healthy!


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