Early Spring Smallies: Are They Sunbathing?

River sunriseNow that we have lost an hour of sleep and the days are getting longer, it’s time to get after some early spring smallmouth bass.

One of the things to remember is that fish are cold-blooded and when water temps are cool, warmer water will attract bass.

Early Spring Smallmouth: Sunny side up

There are two factors here. As the water temps rise, forage, insects and other water creatures become active so bass are drawn to these areas for a meal.

Also, increased water temperature speeds up the bass’s metabolism so they are often attracted to these areas.

Fish with the sun. As the sun rises, the south east facing hillsides get the first light and subsequently so does the water at the bottom of those hills. As the water warms in the morning sun, bass generally move into the shallower water to feed. Focus on areas where the morning sun warms the water and you may find a bevy of bass.  Source

Other sun factors

The sun can play a big role in where and how you are going to catch smallmouth bass on any given day.  During the spring, the sun can actually help make the bite better.  The sun helps warm the water during the day, which usually provides a better afternoon and evening bite for smallmouth bass.  Once the spawn is over, the sun can actually make fishing a lot harder.  On clear waters, smallmouth bass will move closer to cover such as weeds and docks for shade or they will move into deeper water.  Smallmouth bass that may be feeding in 8 to 12 feet of water during the early morning could be in 20 to 50 feet of water during mid-day. Source

One of the best feelings when we go out in early spring is having a chill in the air as the sun is coming up. Feeling the sun warming the air, seeing increased activity on the water and seeing the bite pick up is a great feeling.

Please comment below on your favorite part of a spring morning and smallmouth fishing.

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