Essential Tips For Spring Lake Smallmouth Fishing

The problem

When smallmouth bass are moving from their winter locations to their spring prespawn staging areas, there can be great variability from day to day and year to year where bass can be found.

One day, there can be no smallies where they should be, the next day, the shelf can be loaded with bass feeding, and moving closer to areas best for spawning.

Take a couple of minutes to watch Al Lindner share his years of smallie fishing experience on how to deal with this issue.

Spring Smallmouth Movement and Technique

During winter, you often have to drop the bait into a bass’s feeding zone and as we warm up in early spring, they can be in this lethargic mode or they can be aggressive.

Continue to experiment with different baits and speeds. 

…And get out there so you can potentially catch your personal best. Spring is a great time to do it!

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