Flatheads vs Smallies

Courtesy Oklahoma DWC
Courtesy Oklahoma DWC

Hi guys,I have a theory for you to ponder.

Here is a question about flathead catfish and smallmouth bass from one of our readers. Please comment below!

Here on the Maumee River there’s a stretch that I fish from a boat. It’s a pool that runs about mile in between two rapid areas.I used to catch smallies there a lot,at the rapids and along the stretch of the pool.

About seven years ago I noticed a lot of Flatheads showing up there. I’ve caught them up to 50lbs trolling with crankbaits. There was a story a few years ago about a boater finding a huge flathead with a 20 inch smallie in it’s mouth floundering on the surface,which he pulled out and saved the flathead. Since the flatheads started showing up I’ve noticed less and less smallies. There and more upriver where I wade in the shallows.

My question is, could the flatheads have, over the last few years displaced the smallies into the shallow areas upstream?

Thanks for your input!

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