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Fly fishing with poppers for smallmouth bass is one of the most exciting techniques in fly fishing and this forum discussion from gives a nice tip regarding when and how to fish this pattern. Don’t beat your head against the wall when you are trying to fish a popper.

Fly fishing poppers for smallmouth bass

I honestly never thought topwater smallmouth could be so productive. I have been waiting to see baitfish fleeing. The bass chase them right up to the banks breaking the surface. Then i splat the popper down in the vicinity. SMACK. Sometimes I don’t even move it. They hit it when it lands. By about 730am they’re done and I go home.

Don’t be surprised. When SMBs want surface stuff, poppers can’t be beat. Some folks will tell you that poppers don’t catch big bass but that’s nonsense. Over the course of a season, I certainly get more bass on nymphs and streamers but, during summer – esp under low light conditions – I usually start with a popper. It’s a blast.  Source

If the smallmouth bass are going to hit the popper, you’ll know pretty quickly. Like the post says, mornings and evenings tend to be most productive when bass are chasing bait fish or bugs.

Great technique video!


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