Messalonskee Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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For those of you looking for a place to fish in New England, check out Messalonskee Lake smallmouth bass fishing in Maine. Most northern states have some good populations of smallmouth bass and Messalonskke Lake is no exception.

Messalonskee Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Messalonskee Lake and Stream is a body of water in the Belgrade Lakes region of Central Maine, USA. It is bordered by the towns of Oakland, Sidney, and Belgrade. The lake is a 9 mile long, narrow, natural creation, resulting from continental collision and glacial scouring. A dam originally built in the town of Oakland in 1905 increased the lake’s size. Source


I love the footage of Messalonskee Lake smallmouth fishing that shows and explains the features that make this area of the lake great smallmouth habitat. I like how they changed up lures and caught them on just about everything from KVD lipless crankbaits, tubes and other plastic jigs.

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