Courtesy of Schultz Outfitters
Courtesy of Schultz Outfitters

Hollow-bodied frogs work for the bronzebacks. Don’t be fooled by their common appearance! If you have a lake or a river by your house that houses smallmouth, throw them frogs!
A couple of weeks ago, I was fishing a local lake and had been on a frog kick from all of the giant largemouth that had been taking my frog. i wanted to test my theory that a bass is a bass. #trueism.

The smallmouth bass is very aggressive and when the big girls are up shallow feeding, they won’t hesitate to take your frog! I noticed the baby killdeer birds running along the bank and decided to throw my frog. I cast the frog up on the bank and slowly twitched it on to the water. After it hit the water, I started walking the bait back to the boat and after three twitches, the frog disappeared and all hell broke loose.

The 3+lb smallie inhaled the frog and then began to jump like it was a largemouth! What happens is the fish is actually trying to kill the frog in it’s crushers. The dual hooks embedded in the roof of it’s mouth and the game was over.

Once again, don’t hesitate to take your box of frogs on your next trip to your favorite smallmouth lake.

P.S. White bellied frogs seem to work the best.

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