How To Repair Your Spinnerbait Skirt

NBSTRFL-ZWC-1We all know that smallmouth bass can be brutal on spinnerbaits. It often becomes necessary to perform a little rehab when our spinnerbaits have taken a beating or when the skirts have become damaged by time or leaving the baits in a hot car or boat storage compartment.

The good news is that skirts, collars and other replacement parts are readily available and not difficult to manage.

Here’s a video on replacing the collar on a spinnerbait with some simple, inexpensive tape and O rings.

That is a real simple way to replace those collars that end up loose and gummy at very little cost.

For those of us that like gadgets, the tool shown in this next video comes in handy and speeds up the skirt replacement process a bit, making things easier for you.

I found this to be a nice, quick fix on my beat-up spinnerbaits. Now, if I can just stop throwing them in trees 😉

Check out the selection of skirts, collars and expander here: click

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