Great Smallmouth at Big Hill Lake

Read this article about how Big Hill Lake has become a great smallmouth lake in recent years. ᅠIt’s great when wildlife management works and improvements are made to existing smallmouth populations.

The water is so clear you can almost read the mind of a big smallmouth bass resting in a yard of water, waiting to ambush any crawfish, bluegill or lure passing its rocky lair. Everything about the place speaks of Table Rock, Bull Shoals or other huge

For years it’s been known as a really good largemouth lake,” Zaleski said. “It’s become a top-end crappie lake and the last few years the smallmouth fishing has gotten a lot more attention.” Minutes from the launch, he slowed his boat and had two guests start casting five-inch plastic baits hooked once in the middle toward shore.

Jigged and reeled, the snapping ends of the lures resembled a baitfish trying to escape. Click here to visit the original source of this post

Looks like some good fishing here!  Share your stories of finding great smallmouth bass at Big Hill Lake below


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