Help The Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass In Pennsylvania

Columnaris 3It is up to you to help the Susquehanna River and its smallmouth bass population in Pennsylvania. Today your friends here at created a petition to urge the Obama administration to push for the designation of the Susquehanna as an impaired waterway.  Please go to the link and sign our petition: click here

Help The Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass In Pennsylvania

We have written about the decline in smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania.  It is clear pollutants in the water are killing our fish.  The Department of Environmental Protection can increase attnetion and funding to identify and solve this problem but have failed to do so.

We aren’t going to siy by and watch this great fishery be destroyed.

Many of you have been catching trophy sized smallmouth bass in recent years but the smaller, next generation bass are harder and harder to find.

From Lower Susquehanna River Keepers

Fish are natural indicators of good, or conversely bad, water quality. Fish need the right amount of oxygen to breathe, and good habitat in which to forage for food. When excess pollution, particularly nutrient pollution, enters waterways local water quality often suffers because nutrients deplete water oxygen levels and lessen the amount of good habitat for fish to live in and feed.

The Lower Susquehanna’s smallmouth bass is a great indicator of water quality and lately, the entire fishery has declined. Why? That is exactly what we want the Dept. of Environmental of Protection to investigate and then fix by listing the Lower Susquehanna River as “impaired” on its triennial Impaired Waters List.  Source

One of the big things you can do as well is to contact your state and federal elected officials.  John Stygler of Snagler Tackle has put together this resource on how to contact your representatives in government.

Click here: Susquehanna_River_Guide_for_Federal_Governement

Even if you don’t live in the area, please support your fellow anglers and a National Treasure by contacting public officials and signing the petition here.


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