Helping Black Lake Smallmouths

Milfoil taking over

In this era of tight government budgets, it is nice to see a government program to help Black Lake smallmouths. Eurasian Milfoil, an invasive weed is a threat to the recreational opportunites in this northern New York lake.

A $50,000 grant has been secured in the State Budget to combat invasive species in Black Lake.

The lake’s most dominant game fish are the smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, crappie, and once again walleye. “Black Lake is one of the region’s economic engines,” said Senator Ritchie. “It generates jobs and business opportunities for … Original news article here

More about Black Lake from Wikepedia

Black Lake is a lake in the northern part of New York in the United States and is the largest lake in Saint Lawrence County. The lake is south of the Saint Lawrence River and parallels the river for many miles. Black Lake is of glacial origin, having been formed by the melting of continental glaciation in the state around 12,000 years ago. Source

Invasive species, pollution are constantly a threat to smallmouth bass and other game fish. Typically nothing is done about these things until politicians see an economic impact. The state of New Tork recognizes that tourism and recretion bring income to the state so it is worth their while to help Black Lake smallmouths as well as other recreational water sports.

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