High Water Smallies: Don’t Let High Water Stop You

high-waterMany of our smallmouth bass fishing fans live in areas where the prime smallmouth bass fishing is in rivers and streams. When the rains of spring come and push water levels up, some anglers keep the rods in the garage and wait for another day.

I have to say that I would rather fish moderately high water than low, clear water. If it rains and the river gets blown out, that can be tough to deal with and dangerous if you are on foot but with most situations you can find productive smallmouth bass fishing, even with high water.

How To Fish High Water For Smallmouth Bass

There are two main considerations that we have when fishing high water for smallies.

Where and what do we fish?

When the water is rising, bass will often move to the bank or the bottom so target close to shore, especially small eddies and current breaks. As the water is cresting or beginning to drop, they will move to protected areas in eddies, behind rocky points or boulders, creek mouths or behind islands.

Large spinnerbaits can be very good in these situations, thrown right to the bank and retrieved with a moderate speed or even slow rolled. Dark colored tubes can be very effective with 1/4 ounce weights and fished slowly.

I have also had success with crankbaits. Make sure that they dive deep enough to be digging along the bottom to create commotion that the smallmouth bass can detect.

Watch this quick tip from the Backwoods Angler for more high water fishing advice!

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