How Are Smallmouth Bass Replicas Made Today?

image-1ae1e1b737edbc55d2f8c8161a766ae9bb601bf9Many avid fishermen want to save the memory of their greatest catches. However, the art of taxidemy regarding fish has changed drastically in recent years. Instead of actually using the fish in the mounted trophy, taxidermists today employ different methods to achieve a result that is not only longer-lasting, but also an almost-perfect recreation.

When you catch your fish and decide that it is trophy worthy, be sure to take a picture of the fish.  An excellent camera is the key to a good replica, so ensuring good lighting and an accurate depiction on film are important for the fisherman. Generally, the fish should be laid flat and the picture taken of its side. This will give the taxidermist the most accurate idea of the fish’s scale size, color, and overall proportions.

It’s also important to take accurate measurements of the fish. The length and girth are the most important measurements to record when deciding to mount a fish. Be sure to take the time needed in order to get accurate measurements as this will affect the final product.

A taxidermist generally needs only the measurements and pictures of the fish in order to make a smallmouth bass replica. They specialize in fish recreations and trophies and have found that it’s possible to recreate a realistic fish model without the actual fish. Taxidermy has changed in the fish world, but most anglers aren’t complaining. This change allows them to release the fish they’ve caught and still keep it for a mounted trophy.

The taxidermist generally starts with a basic form. They have specific forms that are accurate for both the size and the type of fish that has been caught. The angler can choose the type of mount. Look at samples of their work in order to determine if you will be happy with the final product.

After choosing a form that is accurate to the actual fish, taxidermists use airbrush methods to recreate scales and fins. Other applications are used to give a more realistic depiction of the fish. The finished model of the fish is long-lasting and extremely accurate. While most taxidermy companies recommend keeping the replica out of direct sunlight to protect it, the fish will last for many years and retain its vibrant colors.

Fish taxidermy has changed in recent years, but most people aren’t complaining. The accuracy and detail used by taxidermists allows people to have mounted trophies without having to carry their fish back home. If you’re interested in a smallmouth bass replica or other fish trophy, the models have become better over the past few years and is a great alternative to killing those trophy smallies.

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