How To Fish The Zara Spook: Walk The Dog

Zara Spooks

The purpose of today’s blog post is to provide a detailed description on how to fish the Zara Spook in the classic “walk the dog” pattern that drive smallmouth bass wild.

On first glance, the “spook” or some of the other similar lures such as the Lucky Craft Gunfish, don’t look all that exciting.  They resemble a colored stick of plastic with no real “sex appeal”. This is because the appeal of this lure is created by the fisherman.

Here is an excellent description and visual of what you are trying to accomplish with this classic topwater bait.  Even though largemouth bass are caught in this video, it gives great video of this style.

How to fish the Zara Spook

And in this video, there is a nice description of the up and down, snapping of the line, technique:

Cast and reel your bait in slowly. Twitch it gently with your wrist and pause. With each twitch, pull the rod tip slightly to either side. The pause allows the bait to glide forward under its own momentum, leaving your line slightly slack for a moment before your next twitch.

Find a rhythm with your twitching and pausing to create a smooth back-and-forth motion. To perform the the walk the dog technique effectively, bait should be moving side to side more than it is moving toward you.

Stop reeling and wait a few seconds every once in a while. Begin reeling again with the same motion and rhythm. When you begin reeling, be prepared for a strike; fish often go for the bait once it starts moving again.  Source

This set of videos and description should help you know how to fish the Zara Spook, Zara Puppy (I find good for river bass) or a Lucky Craft Gunfish.  Click on this link to check out the revolutionary Boing lure.

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