Kayak Smallmouth Fishing

More and more people are getting into smallmouth kayak fishing and I can see why.   The kayak is much less expensive to operate than a bass boat or a jet boat, you can get into places that a motor boat can’t get you and being close to the water puts you right in the action.

Kayak fishing is attracting a growing number of anglers in the region, and proponents say it provides a whole new level of excitement to the classic hobby.
Kayaks have been cruising around the lakes for year, but these days they’re being specially designed with the angler in mind.
Allen Bushnell, editor of Kayak Fishing magazine, said there are a lot of reasons people are taking to kayak fishing.
“It’s a much more intimate experience,” said Bushnell. “You’re on the water. You’re part of the water. You’re using your own body to propel yourself. You’re literally six inches from the surface of the water. You’re not on a dry boat four feet up. Because you’re quiet, the wildlife, particularly fish, are not disturbed.”  A good fishing kayak will have convenient built-in features, like rod holders, a recess for a tackle box and additional space to hold caught fish.
Pricing ranges from a few hundred into the thousands depending on a wide range of features.
“Any kayak top could be rigged for fishing, but kayaks for fishing come pre-rigged…  Original article here

Kayak Smallmouth Fishing

Cold day on the Susquehanna River fishing for smallies


Fishing in a kayak on Erie

Hobie Pro Angler 12 Tour

I hope this blog post gives you some good background information on kayak fishing for smallmouth bass.

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