Lake Minnewaska Smallmouth Fishing

This recent article about Lake Minnewaska smallmouth fishing is a great lesson in approaching a new lake you aren’t familiar with.

Lake Minnewaska smallmouth fishing

Smallmouth bass are active on Lake Minnewaska right now, both shallow AND deep. Traditional shallow lure offerings like jigs and grubs, along with shallow running crankbaits were working last week, and live-bait rigging for walleyes yielded, you guessed it…..more smallies!

We picked the nearest windblown rocks in 3-6FOW and found action immediately. Chuck was throwing a #6 X-Rap Shad Shallow, and I stuck to a Custom Jigs and Spins K-Grub with a 3/32 oz. Precision Head plain. K-Grubs have always been a favorite smallie bait of mine because of all the options that you have when paired with a jig. Crawl it in the rocks, slow roll it, swim it erratically back to the boat; each has its own place and time depending on how active the smallmouth can be. Of all those presentations, slow rolling is the one I keep coming back to. Let that big tail and all its subtle vibration do the work for you. Fish a crayfish color, or pair up opposite colors like Black/Chartreuse tail for maximum contrast and visibility.

Or simply throw crankbaits. Admittedly a better windy-day-walleye tactic for me, crankbaits in shallow water work for smallmouths as well. Not just on the river either, this is a great presentation for lake-run smallies, especially when wind is present. Chuck’s first or second cast was immediately smashed….”Big fish, big fish…” Chuck yelled as I tried to position the boat away from the rocks, yet in a better place to fight him. Source

Lake Minnewaska is another great choice in smallmouth fishing for those lucky enough to be in Minnesota. You can see from the map, the lake is approximately 9 miles long. It is well known in the area for it’s smallmouth bass, crappies, walleye and largemouth bass fishing. It is also a popular ice fishing destination.

If you have experience with Lake Minnewaska smallmouth fishing, feel free to add additional comments below!

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