Keitech Swimbaits For Smallmouth Bass

Rick SmallieSwimbaits have become extremely popular over the last decade.  In the West, anglers have been using large trout-like imitation swimbaits that cost $50 or more to catch trophy sized largemouth bass.

In recent years, their use in smallmouth bass fishing has surged as well. There are a variety of ways to fish them, either as just a straight retrieve, as a jig, buzz bait or as a trailer on a spinnerbait.

Keitech Swimbaits for smallmouth bass

Keitech swimbaits come in a variety of styles.  This video shows some great underwater action of the bait in its natural environment.

For a detailed review of these baits, check out this video too…

These Keitech swimbaits come in a great selection of colors and several different sizes.

There are a tremendous number of other swimbaits to experiment with.  Give them a try next time you get out on the water.   Be sure to leave your comments below!

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