Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Lures

If you are fishing Kevin Van Dam’s favorite lake for smallmouth bass, you’ll need to know about Lake St. Clair smallmouth lures.  In the videos below, take a look at some of your choices going for bronzebacks on Lake St. Clair 🙂

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Lures

Tubes for Lake St. Clair Smallies


Check out Strike King Coffee Tubes!

Drop Shotting for Lake St. Clair Smallies

For a description of the drop shot set up, go to


For more information about Gulp Fish Fry, click here.

I hope this review of Lake St. Clair smallmouth lures helps you catch more fish on Lake St. Clair or your home lake.  The techniques taught here can be used anywhere in the country for smallmouth fishing success.

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