Lake St. Clair Smallmouth

For those of you who have never experienced Lake St. Clair smallmouth fishing, this is something that should definitely be on your list of things to do!  Lake St. Clair is near Detroit and is Bass pro, Kevin Van Dam’s, favorite lake to fish.  Lake St. Clair is 26 miles from north to south and 24 miles from east to west.

Lake St. Clair Smallmouth

Kevin Van Dam says this about Lake St. Clair:

I like to fish Lake St. Clair, a shallow lake with lots of vegetation, located just outside of Detroit, Michigan, because of its large numbers of very big smallmouth. Although the lake also has a good population of largemouth bass, the lake has built its reputation on its large number of smallmouth bass.

Anglers can catch bass the easiest at Lake St. Clair in the spring. Because the bass spawn then, you may take and release 100 bass a day here. I like to use the Kevin VanDam Pro Model Strike King Two Tube Jig. Lipless crankbaits, spinner baits and jerkbaits also will produce numbers of bass. Look for the bass that feed aggressively on shallow-water flats. Original article here.

KVD says that tubes and especially spinnerbaits are great go to baits in the summer and fall in Lake St. Clair


More on Lake St. Clair smallmouths from the Detroit Free Press

Quality not quantity
Like most dedicated smallmouth anglers, Qualls changed his quest from catching lots of fish to catching big ones.

He and Gostenik started the morning on a shallow flat where the water was 2 feet deep, 60 degrees, and fish were concentrated around “stick-ups,” early cattail growth that poked a few inches above the surface and provided good cover for nesting bass around their roots.

In about 90 minutes, the pair landed and released 37 smallmouths on spinner baits, plastic flukes and small grubs, most around 3 pounds and the biggest a bit more than 4.

“We could stay here all day and each catch 80. But if we want a 5- or 6-pounder, we have to move to where you won’t get as many but they run bigger,” Gostenik said as he drove the 21-foot bass boat to a flat with 7-10 feet of water. Original article here

Lake St. Clair smallmouths are something to behold and rival any other smallmouth bass in the country.  Bordering on Michigan and Canada, it is a great place to fish.

If you have a great fishing story from Lake St. Clair, I’d love for you to post it below in the comments.  To share this with others, feel free to LIKE or TWEET this page.  Cheers!

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