Best Leader Line Knots For Fishing

As I was getting all my gear ready tonight, I remembered a great leader line knot for smallmouth fishing that Chris Gorsuch of the Reel River Adventures Guide Service made a video about.  On my spinning rods, I like to fish with high visibility braid such as Power Pro High-Vis Yellow in a 15 or 20 lb test, with a flourocarbon in 10-12 lb test.

The question is, how do you bring the two lines together?

Leader line knots for smallmouth fishing

The Crazy Alberto knot is fantastic for this and is relatively easy to use.  Check it out from Chris:

The knot I used to use was a little harder to tie but isn’t a bad second choice.  It’s called the double uni knot and goes like this:

I hope these leader line knots for smallmouth fishing were helpful to you.

If you have another knot you prefer, let me know!  

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