[video] Many Great Spinnerbaits for Smallmouth Bass


Have you been guilty of thinking a spinnerbait that catches largemouth bass will work on smallmouths as well? If so, don’t feel bad as many fishermen believe this.

The problem with this way of thinking is we are fishing for two separate species of fish. Just because both are classed as “bass” does not mean they will react to the same spinnerbaits in the same manner. Will you occasional snag both species.with the same spinner? Absolutely, but if you are serious about boating smallmouths on a consistent basis you need to realize they prefer a different type of spinnerbaits The good news is there is an entire family of great spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass specifically designed for the bronzeback.

Largemouth bass hug cover and ambush their prey. They usually do not chase prey more than 5 to 7 feet. This is one reason why picking up a largemouth strike can be difficult, especially if you are fishing tubes, rubber or live crawlers, and cast the bait right on top of them. They will inhale it and continue to sit motionless.

Now the smallmouth on the other hand is like a tiger chasing down prey. Distances are of little concern for the bronzeback as they commonly chase a spinnerbait 20 feet or more. The reason for this is smallmouth bass prefer to hang out on the edge of a flat like you find at the end of an underwater ridge. These spots are free of cover for the most part and thus they will aggressively pursue their prey longer distances.

Smallies also hit with a vengeance. Nothing about their method of catching prey or your spinnerbait is gentle. When retrieving spinnersbaits preferred by smallmouth bass keep the speed up and hold on as they will pull the rod out of your hands with the force of their strike.

Look into Strike Kings Premier Plus selection of spinners for smallmouth bass.  They make great spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass. Spinnerbaits with plenty of flash from the blades will earn you more strikes, so grab a selection with small, heavy designs in the ¾ ounce weight range without the fancy skirts and sound producing designs of largemouth spinners. Smallies are far less attracted to the sound of a spinner moving through the water as they are the spinning flash of the blades, which mimic a wounded minnow moving erratically through the water.

Big fish reaction strikes with spinnerbaits

Select a variety of colors such as red, gold, and white because smallies are sight oriented fish. The better they can see bait the more likely you are to get a hit.

Selecting a wide selection of great spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass need not be a hassle. Think of it as adding to your collection, and how each spinnerbait will be the one that puts an elusive lunker in the boat!

What are your preferred bronzeback spinners? Please share your thoughts with our readers in the space below.

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