Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass Regulation Changes

img_20120618_163356-7d5e7226a19db487ce361be29cc957af546baa8eMille Lacs Lake is a prime smallmouth, walleye and northern pike fishery.  The Minnesota DNR has announced changes in regulations for these three species that you should be aware of if you fish here.

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The smallmouth bass limit changes are as follows:

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass Regulation Changes

The smallmouth bass bag limit and slot limit will be broadened to allow for more harvest. The new regulation is a 17- to 20-inch protected slot. The possession limit is six, with only one longer than 20 inches in possession. Previously, all smallmouth bass less than 21 inches had to be immediately released and the possession limit was one.

By making the change to northerns and smallmouth bass, the DNR is protecting the quality components, Peterson said.  For additional information on the changes to walleye and pike limits, go to the original article here: Source

These changes are interesting in that they are increasing the harvest of smallmouth bass. We can only assume that the DNR feel that the smallmouth bass population is getting too large and having a negative impact on the walleye population.

They are protecting the 17 to 20 inch bass but allowing a possession limit of 6.  Let’s hope they don’t over reach and destroy the smallmouth bass population.

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