Lake Ontario; Near NY State Record Smallmouth

jcollins8lberSmallmouthThis particular smallmouth came out of Lake Ontario.

Yes, that is a CUSE shirt lol… after tonights game against Louiville I’m still a proud Orangeman! lol…

But anyway back to the fish…. She weighed 8 lbs even…. it kept bouncing between 7.15 & 8.1… settled fairly decently on 8 even several times so we officially scored her at 8 lbs 0 oz.

Lake Ontario: Near NY State Record Smallmouth

That’s only four ounces shy of the NY State Record Smallmouth Bass! Now if only she had a few fat shad in her belly!

After catching this near record breaker, it’s now my passion to top it! She was caught on a Rapala jointed stick bait in firetiger color in 7 feet of water on an overcast day with temps in the low 70’s. Water clarity was quite clear, and caught just off a gravel bed adjacent to a long weed line. And to be honest… she didn’t even put up that much of a fight.

She was released and is out there waiting for one more cast!

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