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If you’ve seen advertising or have heard about Mystery Tackle’s monthly subscription, you may be interested in this Mystery Tackle Box review.

We all love trying new lures, baits and fishing gear but we don’t want to waste our time with stuff that is either junk or isn’t going to catch fish as well or better than what we are already using.  Some of the companies that do monthly mailings don’t do a very good job, and send junk.

I’m happy to say, however Mystery Tackle Box delivers the goods!

Mystery Tackle Box video review

In this video I’ll show you the kind of stuff you will look forward to getting.


With some of these types of programs, we get lousy baits in the mail that we won’t use and they just go to waste.  With the selection from Mystery Tackle Box, I can say that this is great stuff!

I really like the cards that look like baseball cards so that I can become more familiar with the baits.

If you’re like me, you’ll be really pleased with what Mystery Tackle has to offer. It’s like getting an awesome Christmas present every month!

I’d suggest trying them out for a month or two and see how you like it.

As I write this, I see they are having a couple of great promotions so its a great time to check it out.  That’s a great deal because what they are including each month is about $20 – $25 worth of stuff.

Check them out at Use promo code get499 for the 1st month for only $4.99!One of

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