Reactions Innovations Skinny Dipper Is A Must Have Smallmouth Bass Bait

skinny dipperHave you tried out the Reactions Innovations Skinny Dipper bait? If not, you are missing out on a great artificial bait smallmouth bass fishermen, as well as other casting for other species of fish are raving about. Let’s take a look at this bait and why everyone is all a buzz about it.

Produced by a well-known company, the Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper has in fact been available since 2009. This bait has recently begun to end up as a go to bait on many famous lakes and rivers where weedless baits works best. Called a Skinny Dipper by those who have been using this soft, rubbery swimbait with a fluted and knobbed tail, the regulars fishing for largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee have been slaying them for quite a while. Rigged Texas style the Skinny Dipper has proven to be an excellent choice for snagging those wily fish lurking in the weed beds. More recently, bronzeback anglers have been rigging them up on a swimbait hook and fishing them in all kinds of ways.

Depending on what set-up you use this bait can be fished deep, or on the surface, making your chances of more strikes higher. And this is what all fisherman look for in a lure bait isn’t it?

A little underwater video action

For those who are familiar with the Sweet Beaver bait, it is made by the same company. One of the great features is the molded in slit running down the bait for easy hook insertion. This allows you to rig it weedless and makes it very versatile.

DSC_0068smallI like the fact the bait weighs in at one half an ounce by itself. This suits my preferred smallmouth fishing technique of casting the bait into almost any situation and letting it settle naturally. I typically will add a 1/8 oz jig head or weighted swimbait hook.  I can then jig it like a tube through structure, or on rocky bottoms, I can allow the bait to sink to the bottom and then do a slow drag. In warmer temps, I can swim it above the weeds, waiting for a smallie to ambush it.

This bait flat out catches smallies. I love Keitech’s selection of swimbaits but these are more durable and less expensive, always a good combo. I’ll typically start by fishing the Skinny Dipper some and if I’m not having any luck, will switch to a Keitech Fat Impact or Easy Shiner .

The Skinny Dipper works great, and the smallmouths as well as other species often go in for the kill.

The Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper is a must add to your arsenal of artificial baits. You are leaving fish in the water if you are not casting this great bait!

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